Public Officials

Protect Yourself

Not sure what you can ethically discuss and who you can and cannot talk to regarding public policy?

Not sure what constitutes an actual violation of the state’s Sunshine Law?

The Transparency Project of Georgia not only advocates for citizens of Georgia, but has an interest in helping to protect local public officials who simply want to serve the public and do the right things in the right ways. We will share  your questions about open meetings legislation and public records, and, along with project participants, help by providing  you with the appropriate documentation and source materials.

Post your questions or concerns here or send your inquiry to Georgia Transparency Project Director Jim Zachary at or project manager and moderator Kelsey Cochran at:


The Transparency Project of Georgia does not provide legal counsel. The opinions / views expressed on this site or by any representative do not constitute a legal opinion and should not be used as a legal argument or defense of position. The Transparency Project of Georgia is a research project and resource for information regarding open meetings and open records issues facing Georgia citizens.